Welcome to PVCbase,

a resource for the Planctomyces-Verrumicrobiae-Chlamydia bacterial community.

We provide functional annotation for 39 proteomes of the PVC superphylum, including sequence and structure based methods. To further analyse our database homology search can be performed using PVCBlast. PVCbase includes Foundation, a secondary structure feature visualizer.

All data can be easily browsed online and the sequence databases are available to download.

If you use PVCbase on your quest to understand PVC bacteria

Please cite:

Nicola Bordin, Juan Carlos González-Sánchez, Damien P Devos; PVCbase: an integrated web resource for the PVC bacterial proteomes, Database, Volume 2018, 1 January 2018, bay042, https://doi.org/10.1093/database/bay042


We provide a full BLAST suite for 39 PVC proteomes. The webserver allows multiple proteins search, translated BLAST (protein–>DNA, DNA–>protein) and a link-out system to our annotation database.

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PVCdb provides functional annotation for 40 PVC proteomes. Here you can find information on Function, Gene Ontology, domains and structural domains. The annotations can be downloaded as tab-separated files or queried in  a DataTable webframe.

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Foundation is a simple tool that, provided with a FASTA sequence, allows to have a quick glance at a protein secondary structure, disorder and TMHs.

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